The non-repayable loans dedicated to the Sicily Region will be protagonists of our article. We will find out if there are calls for tenders to help new activities to take off thanks to regional contributions and not only.

The particular type of financing we are discussing today, the one that does not provide for the repayment of capital and for this reason called a lost fund, was created with the aim of promoting progress and development in a particular region or area. Europe, a State or a Region indicate the contributions that can be requested by a certain type of beneficiaries in order to use the sum received to create new businesses, adopt improvements to existing companies, and expand a territorial redevelopment project. The use destinations are varied and, consequently, each published announcement has different conditions. Today we will be interested in non-repayable loans in Sicily, aimed at young people who would like to open a new business.

Loans for the Sicily Region

Loans for the Sicily Region

Are we coming towards the end of 2019 and are you planning to open a new business in Sicily the coming year? Therefore, the funding for start-up grants programmed by the Region could be useful for the realization of your ambitious project. The aim is to help young and old to start modeling their life from nothing by becoming entrepreneurs.

In general, in Sicily the sectors in which to invest for a positive development of the new activity are tourism, craft, cultural and agricultural. Many different opportunities to choose from to realize your dream, whether it’s a company that deals with the sale of organic products, a restaurant, a local craft shop. Whatever the objective is, it is possible to take advantage of the “Resto al Sud” call for proposals, which provides for a 35% grant. The maximum amount that can be requested is 40 thousand euros and the remaining 65% is granted in the form of a zero interest loan by the banks, flanked by the State guarantee of the Central Fund.

Young Sicilians can apply if the project falls into a category of agriculture, crafts, industry and tourism. Requirements are between the ages of 18 and 35. Applicants should not be beneficiaries of further measures for self-entrepreneurship in the last three years and, wanting to create an activity from scratch, young entrepreneurs will have to set up as an individual, company, or cooperative enterprise within 60 days of the date in which the positive outcome of the investigation will be communicated.

The expenses financed are those related to new business projects that operate in the production of goods in the sectors listed above and in the provision of services. Design and personnel costs are excluded from the eligible expenses (to avoid opportunistic behavior). On the other hand, the possibility of being accompanied, during the development phases of the entrepreneurial project, by public and non public bodies, which are appropriately accredited, is envisaged.

Calls for funding active in Sicily for contributions to new activities

Calls for funding active in Sicily for contributions to new activities

We continue to look for active tenders among European and regional funds in Sicily that can help young people to undertake a new business activity. Moving on the web we find a non-refundable contribution equal to 75% of the expenses for the creation and development of non-agricultural companies in the sectors of commerce, industry, tourism and technological innovation. The maximum spending limit is 200 thousand euros, applications can be submitted until 28 February 2019 and recipients are farmers and family members, natural persons and micro and small businesses.

The Culture Crea ban, on the other hand, is aimed at companies in the cultural and tourist industry and in the third sector of the cultural industry and presents itself as a combination of lost funds (maximum 40%) and zero-interest loans. Eligible expenses are related to the purchase of machinery, equipment, furnishings, vehicles and equipment. Other expenses financed relate to computer programs, patents, licenses, brands, management costs (for a maximum of 20%) which include qualified internal personnel, services for information and communication technologies, specialized external consultants. The request for this call can be presented at the counter or telematically by accessing the website

The combination of fund lost and interest-free financing can also be found in the Smart & Star Italia call for proposals for young people in the region of Sicily and beyond. Individuals wishing to set up an innovative star up will be able to take advantage of the 20% return on expenses for the purchase of machinery, plants, hardware and software components, licenses and rights for industrial property titles and incubation acceleration services.

Finally, we would like to remind you that it is not only possible to take advantage of non-repayable loans but also of further calls for loans at zero interest rates or mortgages with subsidized interest.