2019 Non-repayable Female Entrepreneur Loan: European Calls

Let’s find out what are the European calls to which you can take part in this 2019 to obtain a non-repayable loan for women. There are several active tenders, which are born with the intent to revive the economy of our country, and in particular to encourage female entrepreneurship. In this article we will see what are the most interesting opportunities not to be missed, and how to present the desired loan request.

Loans for women entrepreneurship: 2019 European calls

Loans for women entrepreneurship: 2019 European calls

If you are a woman willing to start your own business, then a solution that could help you a lot in realizing your dream could be that of non-repayable European funding. Every year the European Union allocates funds to encourage female entrepreneurship in the various European countries, and therefore each year allows the birth of new important activities that allow a revival of the economy of the country.

There are several economic aid that are offered by the European Union. The first fundamental distinction must be made between direct European funds and indirect European funds. The first are those that are delivered directly by the European institutions. There are several calls for participation, among which we find, for example, the Horizon Innovation Fund, the Cosme Internationalization Fund, the Ambiente Life Fund and the Creative Europe Culture Fund.

The second category of funds allocated by the EU is that of indirect funds. These incentives are distributed by the individual states of the Union, or directly by the various Regions. The latter must be contacted for projects such as the Youth Guarantee Plan, the European Social Fund, the European Regional Development Fund and the Rural Development Plan.

In Italy, an important position is then occupied by the loans provided by the Italian State. The management of these funds is entrusted to Invitalia, which every year opens calls to which it is possible to participate in order to receive the funding that is needed. Non-repayable loans, or even zero-interest loans, are aimed particularly at young people and women’s entrepreneurship, a fundamental factor in our economy and therefore an increasingly topical subject.

How to receive a non-repayable loan from the Region for women

How to receive a non-repayable loan from the Region for women

We have therefore seen how the list of projects and therefore of the calls to which it is possible to participate is quite long. Depending on the activity you intend to start, you will need to apply for a specific call. First of all, the first thing to do is to visit the website of your region. In the area dedicated to calls for proposals you will find all the conditions and requirements to participate, as well as of course the possibility to send the application online.

Among the non-repayable loans provided by Invitalia, there are those aimed at entrepreneurial development in the culture and tourism sector. The project is called ” Cultura Crea “, and is aimed at women whose activities are based in Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Puglia or Sicily. For this project more than 100 million are allocated, and by submitting the application to their own region it is possible to receive a zero-interest loan, with a non-repayable grant that can reach up to 90% of the sum requested.

” New zero-interest companies ” is instead a project that has a much wider scope of implementation, given that it does not provide for a constraint related to the sector in which it intends to invest. Through the relative call, it is possible to receive a maximum sum equal to 75% of the total expenses that must be faced. The reimbursement is foreseen in 8 years, therefore the conditions are quite convenient, considering the fact that no interest will have to be paid.

The latter project is aimed in particular at companies that are mostly made up of women, who must not have been established for more than a year at the time the application was submitted. The latter must be presented directly through Invitalia’s website, following the guided procedure in which we will have to enter all the data related to our company and the amount we need.